Frida Kahlo – A Life in Art, exhibition at the Arken Museum of Modern Art
6 September 2013


10 Sep 2013 - 11:13am
Frida Kahlo Exhibition Copenhagen
Arken, the Museum of Modern Art, has dedicated their next big exhibition to Frida Kahlo – one of the most famous female artists in the 20th century. 

Frida Kahlo was definitely one of the most significant female artists of 20th century.  From the 7th of September, the museum of Arken will be opening an exhibition showcasing her art. As an artist, Frida Kahlo was very productive with a distinctive style. Her colourful creations are often inspired by her own life, and can easily be considered on the borderline of being creepy. The exhibition is also called “A life in art”, which refers to the correlation between her own life and creation, that were closely connected.  Her paintings are extremely self-revealing and theatrical. Considering her private life was very intriguing; there is a lot to see.

The exhibition provides a close insight to Kahlo’s work through her paintings, drawings, and collages. And of course, her famous self-portraits are included as well.  A section of this exhibition also highlights photographs of Kahlo, where she developed a public image as an “exotic Mexican woman”, wearing national costumes.

Her self-conscious appearance in her work and photography is part of a bigger trend in Mexican art, which took place after the Mexican revolution (1910-1920), when Mexican artists sought freedom from western influence in order to rediscover their own roots. One of the most famous artists from this movement is Kahlo’s husband Diego Rivera, who is also represented at the exhibition with some of the other contemporaries such as David Alfaro Siquerios and José Clemente Orozco. 

The museum Arken is a fairly new museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art. It is not so famous as Louisiana, but it still has often very interesting exhibitions. The museum itself is architecturally something worth checking out as well. It is located outside of Copenhagen in Ishøj and is well accessible by train.

The exhibition is open until the 12th of January.

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